About RubyData

RubyData aims to increase two populations of:

  1. Developers who write opensource data tools for Rubyists.
  2. Users who use opensource data tools with their products written in Ruby.

For such developers and users, RubyData wants to provide the following things:

Moreover, RubyData wants to make borderless world between other language communities, so we wants to cooperate with other organizations such as PyData.

Upcoming Events

Related projects, organizations, and communities

There are several projects, organizations, and communities that aim to make data tools for Ruby.

Red Data Tools

Red Data Tools is a project that provides data processing tools ecosystem based on Apache Arrow for Ruby.

Ruby Numo

Ruby Numo provides numo-narray and data analysis environment based on numo-narray.


SciRuby is a community of developers and users of data tools based on nmatrix library.


BioRuby develops open source bioinformatics tools for Ruby.

Awesome Lists

There are useful lists of libraries, articles, and so on managed by @arbox.